would you like to try big 7 again?

made its debut at The Toasters' show on November 16, 2001 (29 months later). Again it was a little while between zines, though nobody seemed to mind; I especially didn't. My life as an overdue library book. Call it lucky 7, big 7 or magnificent 7, just call it finished on 011110. First broadcast of the educational kids show Sesame Street aired Nov 10th, 1969 and their logo is a roadsign – sorry we can't manage a regular zine out quarterly. Much happened to the USA climate since '99; the crowd left. Longest running Ska On My Radio show 89.7 WITR FM was abandoned. New Musical Express absorbs rival Melody Maker (the world's oldest weekly pop mag since 1926), and Moon Ska NYC fell casualty to indie collapse the same week. The Wetlands Preserve closed, Ithaca's Haunt moved out of walking distance from Pizza Aroma, scores of hyped bands split and most other zines vanished. Even less remember Hoi Polloi. It's a difficult book to make twice, but like 006 we again talk with roots branch n' stem players from four musical eras. Toots Hibbert (The Maytals), Dave Wakeling (English Beat), Bucket (Toasters/ Moon), and Bosstone sax Johnny Vegas all spoke up. Now the majority of interviews get conducted right here in town. Unbelievably, Blackouts stayed together after college and even relocated to 14607. Seven years since then.

DannyK is again part time Good Humor man and E* Mr. Softee too summer before moving to Allston. Peter went out west. Julie went back to finish school. Govi showed up again. Ian taught at university down south. Denis was in Queens. Riley moved to CA. Nantucket? A more literary approach than fun toilet humor past, 7 is relatively compact yet comprehensive no less. Johnny was inadvertently buying back Dan's discs from various local shops [specifically the very Deltones' song "Silent River" written about in '94]. People were selling back entire collections, so it's a review issue, since the last we afforded much used for $5 that previously had to wait. These can be an informative commentary if done right and we'd hoped to stay away from generic recurring banter-scenester-filler subject matter.

Earlier in June, the Bosstones organized their annual your-town-throwdown here. "We’re doing between 3 & 5 nights at smaller clubs and we thought we would come to Rochester for one because we’ve always had a great time here. And of course now there’s almost a legendary connection with the band because the floor caved in at the Water Street Grill, er at the time called The Horizontal Boogie Bar" remarked Tim Burton. When time for artist Anthony Modano to do the poster, he had graphics pertaining to each city; Chicago = pizza /Sears tower, SF = Golden Gate, L.A. = Hollywood sign /celluloid, and so on. Our town gets depicted with a flower and busted floorboards. Viva 10-21-93! A random guy starts asking all about the Playska® tees he's seen around and where to get one. His name is Eddie and he too grew up in our old 14613.

Nancy McKnight (alto sax Miggedy) made an appearance at that Skanksgiving III show enough to recognize her after all this time and briefly talk all about the old times like these. She's becoming a pediatrician and the club had been cut up and remodeled thrice since her band played there. I gave her one as thanks for the profound influence. All cause Dr. Oster hung up posters at the U of R? Full circle.

My town, my street, give me peace of mind that can't be beat: the roadsign issue's cover was taken on the corner of Central Park here in Rochester. Not the best neighborhood but

About routes.
Sure we drive the same streets but different paths, there's few degrees of separation between everyone in Rochester; perhaps why everyone flees. Maybe its the shit economy. In creating something so massive we've met cool & uncool people, taught ourselves various software to help us professionally, used xerography and Eastman's photography more and gained much in-process. Sure HP! has its flaws we're constantly learning – waited a full 6 years for Ad Lib by Freeman Craw. Most gets best assembled over time. Will there be more to come like an eight? Possibly, I started working on it. Time tells but again shit changes; Cathy and Tom don't live on Clay Ave anymore. Come to find out radioland's Dr. Awkward did once too, but moved away years ago. As said in issue 1, again life recalls experience with Legos®.

International correspondence 10 nations (mostly the E.U., Australia, Japan & of course Canada) and by various fans, bands and record labels in this country. Includes a scene report submitted last minute from Kev Flowerdew's long running RUDE/ Do the Dog skazine in England. There's also the Moon Records obit, plus talk of great Unicorn compilations and a detailed discography from the main ska imprint of late-eighties U.K.

Prince Buster and John Cusack were sent gratis copies as well.
Ithaca 1/25/01

Once again the 7th Street gangster has won.
Why do people challenge him when they know what will be done?
He's never lost and I doubt he ever will.

– Dance Hall Crashers, 1990
54,000+ WORDS. Numbers break as 29 leaves = 116 pages half-sized. Initial run was 24. Most type set in Futura Medium and Avenir 55 Roman. AVENIR is French for future and continues to be the official typeface of Amsterdam.nl!

Inspired Halloween Y2K when an ITR selector gave up with 2 hours of his best Crypt Kickers song left on repeat; I'm at the mercy of the DJ. One year solid work transcribing, writing, revising, rewriting, proofreading piecemeal, then revising 15x more on a laptop loaned from the library. What's it mean? Eventually got a brand new secondhand imac to output literally hundreds of ska related zine / video / book / music reviews that take most of the room here. And come AM 9-11-01, I was working on cementing it all together. Waiting at the bus stop staring at both flagpole and sky, grandma passed the day before. I hadn't heard yet, but it was conditions pilots refer to as severe clear (This bench gets replaced 8-26-04).

Pasteup took just 3 or 4 weeks in a chaotic little sunporch. Millie's international 1964 ska My Boy Lollipop is in Riding in Cars with Boys Drew Barrymore, 10/19. Marty K assisted and we had a Xerox Webster connection make copies and write a high-res .pdf to CD. On the way to pick up this job from said cubefarm we passed alongside Jesse Motive driving Route 104 E. Second batch made self-serve at Kinkos in the new year. Run 3 (+40), was done at a very reasonable location three months after that. Limited 100 copies due to size constraints, fund constraint and plain ol' lack of demand? Twice #6, it weighs 5.2 ounces and cost $1.35 to mail domestic media/book rate. Overseas is more, so going rate must be $5 USD considering the annoyance CN-22 customs forms provide. There should never be another 116 pages of this magnitude. In fact, cheapskates have complained publicly about both prohibitive cost and size of such an extremely compact resource.

Ten years later (November 2011), some with color covers sell via Ebay.

Locals inside:

Blackouts (Q&A)

On-Site Facilities (Greece NY)

The Imposters (Penfield)

The Lightbulbs (Fairport)

The Nightshift (Toronto)

Amy Ryan & Operatives (SYR)

The Molotov Cocktail, Inc.
(BUF, ex-Creepers)

rough drafts 11/00 - 9/01
At some point [JUL 2001] the free homepage.com hosting for this site went south – you get what you pay for. But ex-Superskank webmaster Gem (Fairport NY) had assumed Adam Little's Rochester ska site /Localsounds duties by then. We trade content & she wrote reviews for #8. Cyclical music is a funny thing and 2002 is to be a massive year for live shows here.

About a dozen live events hosted by Fritz' ska TV and some big ClearChannel ones, but a black hole year for pasting a book. The regional Syracuse Ska site was revamped and given a dot com in May, the Ops' Skaboard forum begins in August. Rosco Gordon, rhythm-n-blues singer/ piano player from Memphis who influenced rock 'n' roll and ska reggae dies at age 74 on July 11. Turn 25 and am forced to choose between Toasters in Buffalo or Bim Skala Bim in Oswego. In October both The English Beat's Dave Wakeling and Reel Big trumpeter actually read our 'zine into microphones on local stages. This just after CNN reported their real big tourbus fire. Unfortunately all the Beat's bass parts were sampled and played on a MIDI trigger.

HP! is invited to submit views for a new (short-lived) international branch of the Swedish site skawars.nu in November. Wrote for a bit but soon their PHP broke down. No dreads about the working day after though. Funny thing about weekends when you're unemployed – they don't mean quite so much – except that you get to hang out with your workin' friends.

'Zines are awesome, they just play such an intricate role. I grew up in the early eighties punk scene with a lot of fanzines, when the youth kind of took control of the scene. And they did it by using their dad’s Xerox machine – rather than relying on forms of established media; by getting free airtime on radio and doing college radio shows, promoting shows, playing in bands. I mean it is the scene, that’s what it is

Tim Burton, Bosstones >

rascal king!
"Wow. This zine's size is very intimidating. I took me about a week to read (not the whole week of course, but maybe an hour or so each night). It's good to see a ska-focused zine in these days of anti-ska backlash. These people that say "ska is dead" are the same ones that didn't even know it existed 6 or 7 years ago. Granted music zines aren't really my favorite type of zines, but this is well done and looks great. He does a nice mixture of computer text with cut and paste layouts and some computer ones, not entirely unlike SFN. There are interviews with Dave Wakeling (the best one here), Rob Hingley, Toots Hibbert, and Timothy Burton of the Bosstones, which largely steer away from the usual interview questions and are actually pretty enjoyable. The review section is huge (about 2/3 of the zine), and covers new, old, and in between musical releases, as well as movies, books and zines. It's kind of weird to see reviews of Fishbone, the Ska-dows, Madness, Yebo, and some older compilations that I've had for ages and thought everyone else by now too. Especially someone like Jav who is way more into ska than I am. Anyway, this is a very impressive effort and highly recommended to fans of the genre." Something for Nothing #55
November 16, 1952 was the first day Lucy promised to hold the football for Charlie Brown. [7 x 7 =] 49 years later, this issue is complete. Do you think HP7 was our ever-elusive field goal, or just good grief?
VIEW 54-55
the lost GENERAL RUDIE session, 4.1.01
(we can reach our destination but we're still a ways away)

toots is rootsThat's the greatest music, the best music.
Ska's more wickeder than reggae, ya know?
big davie
Fear & loathing in Allston
Mr. Dave w/ Garrett's bike, late Jan 2002

Let me tell you about history, history is written from the point of view of the people who had to survive, outlast or win, and so by virtue of its own nature is false. Because if you think history really is only written by the victor or the survivor; it’s only half the story. It's not the perspective of the guys who died or disappeared, it’s the story of the people who lived and got to write it. So it’s at least only half the story. If you factor in human error which is 2%... Alright, then that means it’s at best 48 or 49% of the truth. Therefore, history is mostly a lie.

Buck Toaster

Uncle Buck


Laurel Aitken – The Pioneer Of Jamaican Music Volume 1 (Reggae Retro UK 1999)
Laurel Aitken – Rise & Fall / It’s Too Late (Unicorn)
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Bakesys – The Bakesys (Do The Dog Music)
Beatbusters – Get Down To Brass Tacks (Boombax NL)
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Bim Skala Bim – Test Patterns (BIB)

Ken Boothe – A Man And His Hits (Studio One 1970, Heartbeat 1999)
(Bop) Harvey – Gitchee Gummee To Me E.P. (Hard Ticket)

Boy O Boy – Shish-Ska-Bob (Boy O Boy)
Buck-O-Nine – 28 Teeth (TVT)
Busters – Cheap Thrills (Weserlabel)
Butlers – Fight Like A Lion (Grover)

Butlers – Wanja’s Choice: TV & movie scores in traditional ska style (Grover)
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The Ernies (Bob Records)
Fishbone (Columbia)
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King Apparatus – s/t (Cargo 91/ Raw Energy 92/ Asian Man 99)
King Chango – The Return Of El Santo (Luaka Bop/ Warner Bros.)
Let’s Go Bowling – Stay Tuned (Liberation)
Liberator – Worldwide Delivery (Burning Heart/Epitaph)
Floyd Lloyd & Potato 5 Meet Laurel Aitken (Gaz Rockin’ 1986 / Grover 2000)
Loafers – Contagious (Staccato 1988 / House Of Ska 1998)
Lord Creator – Don’t Stay Out Late: His Greatest Hits (VP / Randy’s)
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Madness – One Step Beyond (Stiff 1979/ Virgin UK 2000)
Major Healy – Nonstop! (Mary’s Lounge)
Malarians – Hostal Caribe (Ska Town / Plastic Disc / Grover)
Maroon Town – Don Drummond (Township / Baobab Musica / Alleluia)
Maroon Town – New Dimension (Alleluia)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Pay Attention (Island/Def Jam 2000)
Jackie Mittoo – The Keyboard Legend (Sonic Sounds JA 1995)
Jackie Mittoo – Let’s Put It All Together (United Artists)
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Moonrakers – Huracán (Liquidator)
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