Johann Gutenberg invents the Western world's first working movable type. Invents printing press; bibles may now be mass-produced instead of individually handwritten.

so there's this book "LETTERING" © by Thomas Wood Stevens [New York & Chicago: The Prang Company, 2nd ed.] Has type specimens in it. World War I era quill marking inside front cover reads "Katherine G. Nair, Mechanics Institute Bevier Building Rochester N.Y."
1991 somebody apparently found it at some used book sale for $3, don't know who
1993 throughout highschool I photocopy some out (like Fig. 58 below) clip apart and reassemble to spell words, stencils, etc.
2004 i've now reduced that face to 50% scale, transferred to plate, cut it all out and reversed the photos
2005 New text by Leslie Cabarga features repro of aforementioned 1916 book inside covers
coming soon to a mailpiece near you
separate peace
true to character, but without Em squares
trimmed and done, day 4
foreign types with the hookah pipes say ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh
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