The following is a 7/21/96 excerpt from Issue 3 where
Chris Murray dishes on his 2/5/93 dining experience,
when the club was at 50 East before courthouse built


CM: I've played in Rochester before with King Apparatus at the Horizontal Boogie Bar, actually 3 times. We played with the Toasters once at Club X, and once at a place called.. hmmmmm Milestones?

HP (E):Yeah, we've been there.
HP (J): That might get closed down soon.

(E to C) This is John.

CM: Hi John, I'm Chris.

HP (E to J): Give him a copy of the 'zine

[John hands Chris a HP #2]

CM: All right! This looks great guys, thanks!

HP: Sure, enjoy it

CM: We played Milestones, and they have a restaurant there and after soundcheck they [the management] said we had to go somewhere else to eat. I guess they had been having problems with bands and the dinner crowd at the restaurant. Somebody from the club took us around the corner to some other restaurant which was really fancy [Gerry Brinkman's Rochester Club], sat us down, talked to the maitre d'. The maitre d' then came over to our table and asked us what we would like, the club guy is taking care of the bill. Now the standard with our band was we'd either get fed at the club, given a buy-out, or we were taken somewhere to eat. That particular time we were taken to this place where any entree was at least 15 dollars, and the guy from the club set it up, then took off. So we asked the maitre d' if there was any limit to what we could order. He didn't say, so we should order what we wanted. Our bill for the 6 of us came to something like $250.00!

HP: Did you get appetizers & everything?

CM: Oh yeah, we had a good meal. It was fantastic! We had the show and it was fairly small, but very fun and the club had a good time and we said aw we love you back, etc. etc. Well, the next day we were playing in Buffalo at Nietzche's, and when we arrived, there was a message from the manger of Milestones. A message for me to call him and that it was quite urgent. Then I got on the phone with him and he was just fuming. (Chris, in his best screaming Milestones' manager voice) "You were supposed to have $15 a head and you owe me 200 dollars and you better send it over the wire right now or else I'll be there after your show with 2 other guys to collect!!!" Ha ha ha.

HP: (D) The people at Milestones aren't really friendly

HP: (E) Did you pay him?

CM: No

HP: (E) Ha ha! And no one showed up afterwards?

CM: It's in our contract to get meals. We were sent to this restaurant and told to order. It was his miscommunication that he forgot to limit our order. We asked, and we weren't told anything about it. It was really fancy, we thought the manager [at Milestones] had some deal with the restaurant owner and that he'd give us some cut-rate anyway – I thought it was his brother's place or something. I guess not. He was paying full price. But anyway, to answer your question I would definitely love to come to Rochester. I'm based in the summer right now in Toronto. That's fairly close.

R.I.P. Milestones Music Room 12/18/06
we won't miss your crappy stone tile floor and shin splints