was released over a month with 4 variant covers and is regarded by many as "the naughty issue". It had been six months, and shows a pull in full ska direction with Berthold Script (1977). The retro craze of sixties mod fashion was big again on catwalks allowing sexy collectible covers with relevance. It works well conceptually, mostly when considering the DM Danhauser Syracuse Full Moon Scooter Club exposé in centerfold. We found out about the ska fans at neighboring Syracuse University via Tammi Szatowski's listserv, so they contributed that article. When #3 delivered on 12/5/96, Zopies' crew were "surprised it was even going to happen."

HP3 specifically didn't have a set price for flexibility to sell at shows, proportionate to our mood or audience (but more than just a dollar), and it got around.

I met Zoë through the WITR radio show after calling in to get a carpool to a mid-week Hepcat/ Bosstones concert in Buffalo. Lil' Davey said he never did this sort of ride-board thing, but luckily it worked out in my favor. Since mine was a dorm number I didn't mind him giving it out on air. When the phone rang, she was this cool 26 year old anarcho-rude girl-activist slash cutie doing data entry at a bank. Lady luck living in Irondequoit with a brand new car, she'd trek the 6 hours to NYC for ska and subversion nearly every other weekend. Besides going to Buffalo, we carpooled a couple times to Ithaca in blizzardy conditions that February, or take the Greyhound. Eric so muchly wanted a date – last we knew she's living on a commune somewhere in VT.

Dear Abby...
Ethics were called into question when the infamous Abby Conspiracy editorial gained both wide criticism and support. The troublemakers involved had previously been arrested their senior year for attempting SHARP graffiti on an already racially-tense Greenwich High football field June '95 – Newsweek reported it. Shortly after this issue came out, Zoë (of her own will, and also of a similar experience) for some reason personally delivered one to the Moon store and Abby's face. Weekend of Hepcat w/ Toots & the Maytals at Wetlands. I that same day this also took place. If anyone has an old CT 'zine Agent 86, we'd very much like to have a look.

Note to self
Photos from a leading Spanish women's monthly. Learn the hard way it's better to razor pictures out then steal entire magazines from a library – tattletape, trial & error. Said knife also won 10 lbs. of candy in a pumpkin carving competition that Halloween [Hepcat stogie, no pic cause no camera yet and it rotted fast].

In-depth interviews from Johnny Too Bad & The Strikeouts, Venice Shoreline Chris, and New England favorites Allstonians; regulars at the RITskeller taco bar. Live reviews of Buffalo Mephiskapheles, Suicide Machines and SlushFund shows by Mearns. We make it a point that all interviews be conducted in person by our 'zine: cookie-cutter, impersonal form letter questionnaires lack personality and kinda suck. The four pages of music reviews here are short, silly and uninformative. Contains a clipping of National Geographic's Jimmy Cliff interview January 1985 though.


It's a twist on "sim sim sala bim." Kind of like abbra cadabra. We got it from Hadji on the old Jonny Quest cartoons.

– Jim Arhelger

Cut & paste metaphor suits ska itself well, so we continue without hi-tech computer aided layouts. MS Word. Plus glue sticks, ruler, razor, paper and scissors are easier, immediate and real. Especially when we're too lazy to acquire the proper software and learn it. Pulled an all niter to get it finished and done with for its debut at the Toasters / Bim Skala Bim show at Buffalo State, nearby where Eric and Trav shared a house. Ended up at 2 Kinkos shops (Fairport, East Ave) doing odds & ends fabrication around 6am, then Dan leaves by 8am for practice. It's this Aquinas Institute band with Peter and Neal (ex-GKW /ex-Sloven Zingaro, an obscure Gates-Chili grunge band).Bechle-Allen Era begins
he new 14613-based 8 piece will soon be known to many a ska enthusiast in the area since as The Professionals. Likely nod to Luc Besson's hitman film Leon, a.k.a. The Professional, as called here in the states. Way before HBO's hit mob series The Sopranos used a Bond gun in their typography it was in dannyk's logo.
Toasters BSC '96
"This next song, ladies stagedive only"
A class lineup with musicians from a diverse number of area high schools, their first show was Saturday, 9 November 96 at the Riverton Community Center. Finhead Matty Messner showed up in his classic fifties taxicab. Next at RIT's Claw and even live on the Ska On my Radio program hosted by Lil' Davey, 18 December that year. It was located under the deaf dorms, so volume wasn't a problem. The first & last word in live entertainment at the Tea House Art Gallery; biology king Ray Manuszak secured an AQ senior formal gig. Denis did photography and merch. They produce 1000 tapes of Watch Your Step with the band fund, a grant from Sir Edmund Heckle, and Dr. Oster (who kept a 1979 Vespa in garage). It had all the hits plus Simpsons audio clips. One song got on a small punkrock compilation and they played a Moon showcase down in NYC. Dan Esler joined up on trombone later the following year. A full CD eventually came from Oyer's basement however the band was dissatisfied with result, so it was lost /never properly released.

The Professionals is the 1966 western starring Burt Lancaster & Lee Marvin, which may have caused heavyweight Jamaican producer Joe Gibbs to have backing band of same name; see numerous connections between reggae & old west archetypes. For a few dollars more, Professionals was a Sex Pistols spinoff in 1980, & some obscure Belgian 2Tone group.

Inspired with goodwill and generosity, Steve LaPlaca of Greece NY creates for them a website on Geocities. Later goes on to acclaim printing Davenport 'zine, build/ maintain the official Pietasters site in 2000 & found Flour City Knuckleheads. In addition to being a great photographer, he's got a vast bootleg collection. His cousin wrote in requesting #4 and went on to do her own 'zine and radio show, Smash!

Nov 11: ''Hoi Polloi Meets Hoiti Toiti'' episode #206 of Roseanne, airs on ABC TV.

Nov 20: Hepcat meets The Bosstones at Dickie's Donuts /Ogden St Music Hall Buffalo NY for sold out show. Deston wants a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.

Nov 26: R.I.P. Paul Rand, the celebrated creative genius, at age 82.

Nov 29: Mearns and DF MacAllister interview a young Big D & the Kid's Table at T.T. the Bear's Place in Cambridge, MA. Transcript of the session never made it into the next issue or even home 'til a year afterward, at which point way out of date. Big D sticks it out and rises to notoriety championing d.i.y. ethic and longevity in NE & national indie scenes.

You can't buy the Moon
Don't let influential companies change you. Seeing how the Bosstones were doing, execs at Polygram Group tried buying the grassroots Moon Ska NYC label to no avail. Main man Bucket is now being interviewed by MTV's Indie Outing, talking about ska music
"infecting people like malaria" – they hear it and become diseased. The only place I can get cable is in a dorm lounge. By December, their Moon Skazette leaps in size from 2-sided photocopy to a beefy 16 page newprint format. Most others follow. SPIN Magazine runs its "How to skank" article.

Most rock journalism is people who can't write interviewing people who can't talk for people who can't read.

– Frank Zappa


NUMBER CRUNCH 8 leaves = 32 pages halved. Initial press run between 300-375? We're disorganized. Previous issue won us $20 cash grant from Joe Hendrick, noted art prof at MCC. Like all good graphic designers, the first things made are business cards, followed by pads of letterhead. The Gang [MCC-based punx / ARA Rochester] put on shows and a weekly punk dj night at Vertex. Dan used the high speed copiers in his printing class for the bulk of the run until we ran out of reams (which we had to provide). He was working at Barnes & Noble then, plus Jav also ran some off at his best girl's evening job managing a youth center in the same plaza. She tutors a PMHS senior named Liz Allen who is nervous about upcoming exams. We'd shuttle the originals back and forth across the parking lot. It was a bunch of risky dodging large November puddles.

A friend of a friend, (Tony L.) who had never even heard of ska music before was so enthused with #3 as a publication, he scanned his entire copy and put it online for us 10 Dec 1996 so it will never die. SEE FOR YOURSELF immortality on this side.

– TRIVIA no. 3 –

oh that infamous Dub 56 ink:

While speaking to King Chango's Andrew 'Blanquito Man' Blanco (designer of Toasters' graphic) Mano's diner rt 13 Ithaca 2/97, he discusses the original inspiration for said baldy was tattoo on some guy's shoulder in South America.
Indelible cycle 360º

jolly roger
Dan + the second 90's wave >
pros first ever
mmmm donuts
We tried – unsuccessfully – walking to this rally. 9 km up a rural road from the house.
A young tourist couple offered us dumb kids a ride. If they're reading this, thanks again!
read the lost BIG D & THE KIDS TABLE session, 11-29-96

Phil K. in Lenexa, KS raves about this great rockabilly band he saw open up for Dick Dale 5/26/96.
They're called The Frantic Flattops.


Big Lick – Big Lick (Happy Dick Records)
Blanks ’77 – Killer Blanks (Radical Records)
The Bluebeats – Dance With Me (Moon Ska)
Desmond Dekker – Best Of: The Israelites (Castle Communications UK)
The Gadjits – Da Gravy on Yo Grits (JoCo Ska)
Hepcat – Scientific (BYO Records)
Insatiable – Inflatable (I-Man)
Isaac Green & Skalars – Strikeout Summer 7" (JoCo Ska)
Johnny Too Bad & Strikeouts – Memoirs of the Hunted (cassette)
King Chango – King Chango (Luaka Bop/ Warner Bros.)
Less Than Jake –Pezcore (Dill /Asian Man)
Mad Butchers - Rock Unsteady 7" (Beat Hotel)
Magadog – DUI-N-I (Moon)
The Selecter – Selected Selecter Selections (Chrysalis)
The Siren Six – The Voice with a Built-In Promise (Kingpin)
Skunks – No Apologies (Moon)
Spicy Gribblets – And Out Comes the Hog (self release)
The Specials – Live Aston Uni '79: Too Much Too Young (Receiver UK Ltd.)
Suicide Machines – Destruction By Definition (Hollywood)
Toasters – Hard Band For Dead (Moon)
Various Artists – California Skaquake 2: The Aftershock (Moon)
Various Artists – Keep The Pressure On (Kingpin Recs, 1 May 96)
Various Artists – Skank Down Under (Moon)
Various Artists – Ska Train (Hallmark Imports)
Venice Shoreline Crips – 4 Track Adventures of (Moon)
Bill Wennington Fanclub – And You Thought We Sucked (JoCo Ska)
Pete’s Punk Reviews from Land Of The Lost Distro
V/A Punk and Disorderly Vol. 1 (Abstract Records 12")
V/A Superyobs (Vulture Rock Records 12")
Code 13 – They made a wasteland and called it Peace (Havoc Recs 12")
Pobel & The Gesocks - Oi! Punk Pervrs (Vulture Rock Recs 12")
Slushfund - Punk Rock 101 (cassette outta Buffalo)
A Clown Killed My Dad #2
Black & White #3
Hitman #2
The Johnson County Anarchist’s Guide to Hardcore Punk
Land of 1000 Dances #1
Rather Be Dead Than Cool #9
Ska-Tastrophe #3
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The People’s Ska Annual #3 (Summer '96)
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