Shotgun Jimmy always runnin' around, Shotgun Jimmy shootin' up the town
– Insteps

special olympics
Rudy don't fear.
Recollections of the day Dan's mom gave him this one pickup truck. My guess is he got tired of taking a ratty 10 speed bike miles out to Jav's college that fall, or traffic tickets for moving violations in Julie's Citation. Not like he needed another excuse to go to the local Mobil in Spicoli's shoes, but there was plenty of soap and ArmorAll® involved before he could drive it anywhere. Except not during that first winter.

Come springtime, the custom stripe was done in Mearns' old Stuyvesant driveway while he mowed the lawn, consult the red-inked birch tree there for an exact date, I have no idea now. The interior was soon lined with stickers, gig posters, empty smoke packs and Green Mountain cups. Do you know Edmund's car and the Grown-Ups' tune Rampage? I think it was Denis who dubbed it Shotgun Jimmy, likely after that one song on a certain compilation. Rudy Dan as they called him put a ton of miles on while he owned it and boy o boy the local rastas were impressed.

Rudy can't fail.
All he ever wanted was his own ska band; he tried twice. After being taken to shows all over the upstate corridor for a few years, Jimmy soon got sold for an undisclosed sum to some blue collar guy who for whatever reason, left some stickers on. Stories abound when there's a sighting in traffic. Lite trucks slam on the brakes, like when Jimmy almost flipped over at a tollbooth on the way to that Niagara scooter rally 17 May 97?

Seemingly indestructible and the subject of many a myth, a family friend once did auto repairs to Jimmy on Warren Street. Anyway, that truck was one silent partner in making HP! possible and this brief page serves as its misty-eyed tribute. Aren't we so sweet waxing sentimental for old machines? immortal Legos or life as a series of autos?

The ballad of Jimmy and Johnny. Girl you know its true.

Who knows if kmart's ConTact paper counted for anything when landing jobs in vinyl graphics afterward.
Shotgun Jimmy where did you go wrong?
In June 1999, I found Jimmy decaying somewhere along the 250 block of Park Avenue. Cold, rusty, hurt and patched up with bondo. Years pass, shit changes.

Jesus built my car. It's a love affair, mainly Jesus and my hotrod.

Hollywood St.
Look at that Cadillac. This kid gave me my first Elvis Presley album. It's that infamous Lincoln Commander Cody warned you about – a real workhorse. Custom DPK flame detail on the '76 Coupe De Ville whose backseat leather went on for miles. "Lerlene" moniker by Ivy Paisner. Said lead sled was listed on Ebay but later sold to a foreign exchange instructor in Buffalo. We guess he probably listened to Mark Foggo's Big Red Cars, Stray Cats or Clash way too much. Another satisfied customer 'cause later on we heard how he drove it out to the Pacific and broke it right good:

>Subject: Cadillac
>Date: Tue, 5 Jun 2001

hi, I just wanted to let you know, that your Cadillac made it around the U.S.!!! It was about 9000 miles and, we didn't have a problem... almost... well, we had to replace the radiator, which had a huge crack after 7000 miles, but now the car is now in a pretty good shape again. If you want to have it back, let me know, I sell it because I'm taking off to Germany! – Andreas W.

Jerry was a racecar driver, but no sign of Pete's retro shagwagon. Think of a 70s Mystery Machine complete with a wet bar and shag carpeting; the butterfly collector.

"Compilation albums are ska’s dominant medium these days. The Continuum collection Ska: The Third Wave is the latest, and the first to achieve national distribution. Boston is represented by Skavoovie & The Epitones, who played a promo gig at Newbury Comics on a recent rainy Thursday." – Boston Globe

[Wagner Bucci is the guy who ripped off a lot of ska bands during the 3rd wave craze by putting out a comp that sold well – Continuum Records' Ska: the Third Wave in 1995 and never paid the bands a dime. He was later arrested in Florida for trying to sell drugs via the internet. I guess they'd hoped to be the K-Tel of the nineties.] When this compilation came out, it peaked at 13 on Billboard® Reggae chart.

To the best of my knowledge, it remains the only disc which Shotgun Jimmy exists on.

Watch the ride
Pay the toll
! Scoot! Don't die!

"the POJ ESSO is as American as two U.S. flags
alongside a McDonald's one"

Baaack to Olympia


dept. of transportation
Go cat go!